Thankgiving in America

A desperate Call

As the shocks still pulse through the unsteady ground and the ground still quivers, the shock from the disaster still plagues our minds. At three in the morning, the peaceful sleep of the villagers in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea was shattered by the rumbling and splitting of the ground on which they […]

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Hidden But Held

Matthew 14: 14 “And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and He healed their sick.” Tiffany Heafner Missionary to Papua New Guinea September-November,2017   Hidden But Held The windy path seemed so dark, and the way was very unknown to my unsure feet. Tree roots seemed […]

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My Graduation

So, Here is my story: My name is Jayson. The name given to me when I was born was Junior. When I was 8, my dad changed my name and called me “Jayson” which has become my legal name since. I grew up a remote village in Papua New Guinea. I had never seen an […]

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Winter in Niagara Falls

Winter is always my favorite season despite the cold. I like the hot soup on the stove, and the warm blanket to get some sweet sleep in the night. Also, the white snow that covers the everything makes it gorgeous- a winter wonderland. On the winter of 2015, I heard that Niagara falls got froze. […]

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Foood Cooked From Earth Oven

An earth oven, ground oven or cooking pit is one of the most simple and ancient cooking structure. It is the most basic form of cooking, especially if you want to cook a large amount of food for a party or a huge feast. In Papua New Guinea we called “mumu”. Mumu is in Tok Pisin, the second official language widely […]

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Thanksgiving in America

In the year of 1621, Wampanoag and the Plymouth colonists shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today.  For more than two centuries, days of Thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving Day to […]

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Summary of Ecclesiastes

I like Old Testaments. I love reading the stories in the Bible and visualize how things has changed in Biblical perspective. One of the popular man in the Bible is king Solomon. He is known for having huge wealth, fame, and even 1000 wives. Despite having all those wealth, he emphasis many times that he […]

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Camp Fire Sweet Corn

Corn is one of my favorite food. I have grown corn in my gardens and harvest it in huge quantities. There are different ways of cooking them. One of the best way to cook, especially when you are in the woods or doing camps is to put them on open fire. However, in most of Latin […]

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