Winter in Niagara Falls

Winter is always my favorite season despite the cold. I like the hot soup on the stove, and the warm blanket to get some sweet sleep in the night. Also, the white snow that covers the everything makes it gorgeous- a winter wonderland.


On the winter of 2015, I heard that Niagara falls got froze. I was in Ohio during that winter which is 5 hours away. Despite the heavy snow, I took a road trip to experience. It was so beautiful up there.

8 thoughts on “Winter in Niagara Falls

      1. yeah, right! I think up north in New York they got their first snow today. Which is pretty crazy because snow came little late. lol
        I am from the Pacific and its tropic. We see white sand as snow. lol If we get more snow this Winter, I want to go to Niagara or Canada for a visit.

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      2. My pleasure! I am browsing through your blog and it’s very informative and well organized. I like it. I hope to learn from you since I just join and starting to blog. Thanks for following me, too. I hope you will enjoy your first snow tomorrow.


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