My Graduation

So, Here is my story:

My name is Jayson. The name given to me when I was born was Junior. When I was 8, my dad changed my name and called me “Jayson” which has become my legal name since.

I grew up a remote village in Papua New Guinea. I had never seen an airplane or big cities until I was 12. I enjoyed my life in the village with my mates. We fish, hunt, and played in the river; that was our fun every day after school. I had fun growing up.

As I grew older and when I was ready to attend high school. I went to a Catholic high school (Tari High School), five hours away from my home. I was excited to finally go there. I was so scared to speak English to the teachers there because I am always used to speak pidgin back at home. I finally got adjusted to the system and I tried speaking more English.

I spent 2 years and then move to the city to attend national high school to do year 11 and 12.After that, I ended up in the US. Life in the US has never been easy for me. I went to three different schools, and now here I am ready to get my first paper.

I will write on my next post how life been treating me in the US.

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