I believe true compassion is love in action. It is not just feeling sorry for people, it’s a heartache so intense that it moves us to genuinely caring and doing as much as we can to help someone in need.

Compassion increases as we show our love and concern to others. It is not only how people show it, but the feeling of love in ones heart as they accomplish what is in their heart. There is a proverbial saying: “People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” You can measure of truth in that.
From the Biblical perspective, I noticed that Christ has greater compassion for us. Jesus Christ, He was the most forceful, demanding teacher who has ever lived. Jesus’ compassion for the lost, as a reflection of his incredible love, made him a most attractive. I just love the kind of compassion Christ had. He didn’t only feel sorry for us, but he actually took action. He died of the Cross, carry our burden, and eventually set us free.

If you truly have compassionate heart for other, don’t feel sorry only; but it’s better for us take action. As a follower of Christ we must follow his footsteps.


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